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Lancaster & Atlantic Rail Road

Carrying on the tradition of the Pennsylvania Railroad in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

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above is version i of the current plan

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Paper Work:

Scheduled Trains

Dispatcher Sheet

Enola & Dillerville Yard Master Instructions

Thoughts on Enola

Engine List

Betterment Projects:

Cork Betterment Phase II

Lancaster Station Phase III

Dillerville Betterment

Other Stuff:

Enola Yard rebuild

Cly Interlocking

2/19/2012 Layout Overview


Operations are on the second Saturday of the month.

Interested in attending an Op Sessions, please email me Cos

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The layout is designed for two levels, with Enola as the major class yard and Dillerville yard serving the local Lancaster industry.

Thanks to Jeff, Jim and Steven for all their help suggestions as the railroad underwent a massive redesign in 2009.

Design goals and other stuff

Motive power will follow typical PRR practice.

36" minimum mainline (32" on some between level track work)

Catenary operation

Working signals

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