Dillerville Betterment Project (8/24/2017)

Scope: create additional storage capacity for PRR Dillerville,

Increase Reading RR Lancaster footprint with the addition of the Reading Freight House and team track.

the end of Dillerville -


the expansion in place with the bar and shelves moved

Ok, so I like this lot more - moved over 4 inches with a triangular cut were the leve is will take care of my bump issues.  Will extend the old main to end of the existing lower table.

End of Day 1 Construction -

End of Construction for Day 2 (8/29/2017), Old Main 1 should now be able to handle up to 33 cars!  the new east ladder is sort of laid out.

Track 1 of the yard will now have and eastward escape track, Yard tracks 4 & 5 extended 3feet. They will be curved towards the east ladder, but will remain stub ended.

thinking about a right hand crossover where the track currently stops on Old Main 1.

there will be a second track added to the Aux yard.  It and the existing Aux yard track will be part of the east ladder

Still working on the Reading side, lots of industries to stuff in this area...

The East End of Dillerville is all tied togethter, still some track work and wiring and switch motor installation to go.  The west end switch for the new storage track is also on the list to be installed.

Work starts on the Reading RR Lancaster terminal