Lancaster & Atlantic Rail Road 1/31/1968  First trick
EC = Engine Change
  Stage Train Power Origin Route  Via Termination  Type Notes 1 Notes 2
1 5 Altoona PR-4 Avail Proviso ILL NC   N. Balt Produce Term Reefers only Remove CB&Q Power  4 axle power south of York
2 1 Port P1 Elec Meadows A&S Enola Enola General Term Enola  
3 Northumber BF-4 Avail Buffalo     Enola General Term Enola  
4 8 Altoona U126 Avail South Fork NC   Spring Grove Loaded Coal   4 axle power south of York
5 2 Port TT-3 Elec Meadows A&S Enola Chicago TT Engine Change   
6 3 Lemo HT1 RDG Rutherford     Enola Transfer return  
7 5 NC Balt 575 EP22 Baltimore NC Harrisburg Buffalo Pass Buffalo Day Express  
8 2 Altoona XBJ-102 Avail Johnstown C&PD   Phila Pier emtpy ore    
9 3 Port GWC-1 Elec Greenwich Lancaster Br Cork Conway General  P/U Lanc Work Enola Engine Change
10 2 Lemo 830 ARS16s Harrsiburg NC York York Pass return  
11 8 Altoona TT-4 Avail East St Louis Cork   Harsimus Cove TT Engine Change (Elec)  
12 6 Port PE-3 Elec Pot Yard C&PD   Enola sets off Stock @ Cola    
13 2 Altoona UUY-2 Avail MGY C&PD Enola York Haven Loaded Coal Power to Enola  
14 1 Lancaster 705 Elec Lancaster   Lemo Harrisburg Mail    
15 Phila P-17 Elec Greenwich Lancaster Br Cork Enola General Term Enola  
16 1 Altoona CNY-2 Avail Chicago 59th   Enola Greenville  General & H&W Engine Change (Elec)  
17 Enola UFY-1 Avail York Haven     Altoona empty coal Power from Enola  
18 9 Altoona CB-8 Avail Conway PA Lancaster Br   Greenwich General Engine Change (Elec) works Lancaster
19 1 Lemo 574 EP22 Buffalo NC York Baltimore Pass Baltimore Express  
20 4 Altoona GRB-2 Avail Clearing Yard BRC C&PD   Bayview Export Grain None  
21 4 Port NWC-1 Elec Meadows A&S   Conway Auto Parts Engine Change   
22 3 Altoona AST-4 Avail Conway PA C&PD   Meadows Auto Parts Engine Change (Elec)  
23 5 Port SWC-1 Elec Greenville A&S Enola East St Louis General Engine Change   
24 2 NC Balt BC-5 Avail Bayview NC Cly Conway     4 axle power south of York
25 Phila XPE-1 Avail Philadelpia Electric Cork Lancaster South Fork empty coal    
TDB York YE-1/2 Avail Enola     York   General York Turn  
TDB West York WM13/14 WM-81 WM York   York WM York Transfer return  
TDB 1 NC Balt NCY-1   New Freedom(NC Balt) NC Grantley York Local  Every other session  
TDB Dillerville LEN-2/3 Elec Dillerville Lancaster Br   Lancaster (Dillerville) General Lancaster Turn  
TDB Dillerviller LCH-1   Dillerville Lancaster Br   Chicago General Engine Change   
  Enola P-14 Elec Enola Lancaster Br Cork Greenville Connect CNY-2 Set off Livestock(Head Out)  
  Enola NY-4 Elec Enola     Meadows General  as needed  
  Enola BF-7   Enola     Buffalo General orig  
  Enola B-2   Enola     Pot Yard General orig  
  Enola EA2a Local Enola     New Cumberland Local  orig  
  Enola EM4a Local Enola     Cly Local  orig  
  Enola 1A Yard West End Job            
  Enola 1B Yard  East End Job   Hostler        
  Enola 1C Yard Local collection            
  Dillerville LC1/2a   Local Lancaster Br     Local  work Dill to Mount and return  
  York 1A yard York York general south York job