The Lancaster & Atlantic Rail Road, Lancaster Station Improvement Project.


In preparation of the installation of South Philadelphia staging, it was necessary to make some changes in the track layout at Cork.  The basic structure of Cork was established in 2001 when the first shelf was installed.  So just like the PRR, the L&ARR developed the Lancaster Station Improvement Project.  Engineers were assigned to the develop the project and decided that 4 phases would be needed to complete the Lancaster Station Improvement Project.

Cork Betterment Phase 1: included the realignment of the west side of Cork Interlocking.  Included was the installation of 2 number 10 switches between the Harrisburg Passenger main and the Columbia Branch.

Cork Betterment Phase II: will see the realignment of the east side of Cork Interlocking.  Included in the betterment project is the replacement of all switches, raising all switches with the installation of new under-lament, adding remote control for all switches in the Cork Interlock, moving the two mainlines and designating the former West main as the Lancaster Industrial, moving the Eastbound station track closer to the  Eastbound main to facilitate a wider station platform, signal installations on all tracks.

Lancaster Station Betterment Phase III: will include the widening of the right of way at the east end of the station, installation of new switches and track to server two new customers, raise the Eastbound main and the station track with new under-lament, add detection on all tracks within the station.

Conestoga Betterment Phase IV: installation of two new crossovers on the main line, new station ladder on the east side of the station, all switches to be motorized and remotely controlled by Cork, new switch for access to the New Holland Branch, installation of signals to control all movements through the Conestoga Interlocking,

Cork Betterment Phase II October 8, 2016

Original Alignment

Original Alignment

Cork cleared and ready for rebuilding

Switch layout test, and Armstrong runner moved to accommodate new crossover location.

End of Day one construction: 

1. Armstrong Runner moved and back in service.        

                 2.  Industrial, No 2 and No 1 track cut to new Interlocking limit.  

3. sub roadbed installed for No 2 track                          

4. Switch placement refined.                                           

 End of Day 2 Construction:

1. East Bound main sub road bed nailed into place                         

2. main line switch placement confirmed with laser                        

3. main line switch holes for switch machines drilled and cleaned  

4. East Bound main laser straightened and nailed into place. 


End of day 3 construction:

1. All tracks are realigned and properly insulated.

2. Signal bridge is at the correct location for Mains 1, 2 and the Industrial

Pot signals for the 0 track and east bound platform track are yet to installed.

3. All switches are on the same level.

(running out of track spikes)

Looking east through the Betterment project

End of day three construction:

1. Pot signal locations are marked (red push pins)

2. even more nails are used - you can see how empty the nail gon is.

3. Electrical connections are made for all but the 0 track.

4. All (but the 0 track) tracks are tested for shorts and opens.  


End of day 4/5 construction:

1. all switch motors are in

2. The main line crossover and station switch are in a checked on CTC machine

3. Industrial in and working - not built into CTC

4. east bound station track and 0 track machine in and wired only.

5. 2000 nails arrived with has allowed construction to continue

6. Still need to cut down the 0 track throw bar (message to self)

End of day 6 construction:

1. completed the wiring to the 0 track,  and check polarity.

while part of the Cork Interlocking, the 0 track is separately powered (detected) so as to allow movements through it while the rest of Cork is busy.

2. rerouted the LED string - all 15feet

3. more track nails

coming up on 12 hours for this little project...


The Cork Betterment Phase II was listed as completed on 10/30/2016 with the approval of the Signal Department's test of all routes into and out of the realigned Cork.  The Signal Department has one additional task to complete before the next phase is started.  It should be noted that the project completed 1 week early and sort of under budget.