Lehigh/Susquehanna Operations Weekend
Jointly sponsored by the NMRA MER Susquehanna Division 11 and the OP SIG



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Q: What is the Lehigh/Susquehanna Operations Weekend?
A:  This is the NMRA MER Susquehanna Division 11's eight operations weekend.  The weekend is geared toward out -of-town guests operating three layouts (1 on Friday evening and 2 on Saturday) at two different locations in the Division.  The "Lehigh" part refers to the Allentown-Kempton-Kutztown area of PA.  The "Susquehanna" part refers to the Lancaster-Harrisburg area of PA.  Local division members are encouraged to participate by signing up for one of the "single session" slots available.

Q: Who is organizing the event?  Who can I contact for more information or problems?
A:  The event is co-sponsored by the NMRA MER Susquehanna Division 11 and the OP SIG.  Locally, the event is being organized by the Susquehanna Division 11.  To contact Wayne, send him an e-mail at  or see the contact page for his other information. If you can not make it the entire weekend, please contact  IN ADVANCE!!!  If you have a complaint, gripe, comment, or anything like that, please contact Wayne Betty and he will "handle it"...

Q: What is the cost for this event?
A:  Their is NO registration fee.  Guests will need to pay for their hotel, transportation, and food (snacks/drinks will be provided at several layouts, but NO meals will be included -- DID I MENTION THERE IS NO FEE????)

Q: Why isn't there a centralized hotel like other events of this type?
A:  This is really 2 events happening on the same 2 days in two different areas in the division. Simple geography (and driving distances) dictates that we do not use a centralized hotel.

Q: So, how can I find a hotel to stay at?
A:  Local hotel, eatery, and driving information for both locations will be posted on the registration page of this website closer to the event.  All attendees will be contacted when this information is posted.

Q: Why can't I choose some layouts in the Lehigh area and some in the Susquehanna area?
A:  First, the distances are too great to drive between the areas in a reasonable amount of time. Second, the slots happened to work out perfectly in both areas keeping the same attendees in only one area.

Q: But I really, really wanted to operate some layouts in both areas!
A:  Sorry, this is simply not possible for this event... You can come back next year and operate the rest!!!

Q: Can I change the layouts that I am assigned?
A:  NO! (see above).

Q: So what are the options when registering?
A:  You can sign up to operate the two Lehigh layouts (Larry Reynolds and Jim Hertzog) or the three Susquehanna layouts (Charles Kadyk, Steven Mallery, and Wayne Betty). 

Q: How do I find out which area I will attend?
A:  We will be in contact with you after this is determined...  I STRONGLY recommend that you provide an e-mail address if at all possible to make this process more efficient.  The biggest reason for this is to cut down on the cost of mailings. You will NOT be added to any mailing lists!!!

Q: I'm riding with ______.   How do we make sure we attend the same layouts?
A:  Make sure everyone riding together indicate ALL members in the group on EACH registration form.  We will not break up groups marked this way.  If you don't mark it on each registration form, the group may be broken up.

Q: Where can I learn more about the layouts involved?
A:  The Susquehanna layouts are listed on the aptly titled "Susquehanna Layouts" page.  In addition, all 3 have external websites (links are the last line in the descriptions).  The Lehigh layouts are listed on the equally aptly titled "Lehigh Layouts" page.  Both Lehigh layouts have websites.  All the railroads can be found @ http://www.pamodelrailroads.com   If you have another specific question, please see above for how to contact at or see the contact page for his other contact information.

Q: What do I do if I need to cancel the trip?  Can I bail out early?  
A:  If you need to cancel, PLEASE contact Wayne Betty as soon as you can.  We will likely turn down several people and may have some on a "waiting list".  We understand emergencies happen, but the layout owners are relying on a certain number of guests to make these session run smoothly.  "Bailing out" early is simply rude.  It does a disservice to both the layout owner and the other guests (if you leave a host short-handed, the entire session is often affected).  Again, we understand emergencies.  Let the layout host know if you have to leave early so they can pass on the word.  We do have contact with the organizers of other similar events, and those that "bail early" are discussed among us...

Q: I'm not a morning person...can I just come over to the first Saturday session after I wake up?  
A:  Again, this is simply rude (and if I can wake up in the morning, anyone can!!!).  Each host will run an orientation beginning before the designated start time.  By showing up late, you will either not have this information or force the host to repeat it for your benefit.  That's not fair to either the other guests or the host (would you want to stand through the orientation a second time?!?!?!?!?)