Lehigh/Susquehanna Operations Weekend 2022
Jointly sponsored by the NMRA MER Susquehanna Division 11 and the OP SIG

Friday, September 30, and Saturday, October 1, 2022


Last operated in 2018


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       Our Happy Crews from LSOP 8


The Susquehanna crew at Charles Kaydyk's Pennsylvania & New England - Charles Kaydyk photo.

The Lehigh crew at Larry Reynold's PRR Altoona Area

Registration forms are located on the Registration page.

Directions are sent to guests via e-mail.  Please contact me if you did not receive them.

You may sign up EITHER for the Lehigh layouts or the Susquehanna layouts, but may NOT sign up for some in each group.

There are a TOTAL of 12 two session slots available in the Lehigh area and 10 three session slots in the Susquehanna area.

There are a limited number of single session slots available in the Lehigh area and in the Susquehanna area. 
  No prior operating experience is necessary for any of these slots.

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