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some have a reference to (NS-?) see the NS Dillerville page for a look to the future

December 1983


GP38, GP30 & GP38-2 with SW1200 9016 


Looking west from the trailer ramps.  To the left is the MOW yard and track to the trestle


standing over the old main line - the two tracks on the far right.  Follow them right to the middle of Lancaster

Looking at the PRR side. the Reading yard is to the left of the service building.

See NS-C


What is left of the Reading yard - the Terminal building is Center top next to the green box cars - follow the 66KV double circuit.  

The last pole is directly opposite the building.

The TTX flat is visible to the left of the service building in the picture above.  Has the phone pole going through it.

See NS-A


Overview of the area 

see NS-G


Looking west down the ex-PRR side.    From Left to Right

There is the Federal Mogal plant now part of the expanding F&M campus

Access Road from Dillerville Road

Ex-Reading tracks and Armstrong's Floor plant on the far right

See NS-B, E & F


March 22, 1984


GP35 2276, GP38 8106 - GP38 7816, GP38 7869 and SW1200 9016


Looking down the ex-Reading side with Armstrong's Floor plant to the right


The only picture I have of the old PRR office - removed in the 90's

Located off of  Dillerville road 

Note the Catenary is still in place in this 1985 Fuji ISO1600 time exposure.

That's the power of this nights LTA


After the move September 1998


Set my ladder up and took a shot over the fence - looking right up the trestle lead.  


Set my ladder up and took a shot over the fence - looking right up the trestle lead.  

From the Dillerville Road Bridge looking west.

The GP38-2s are sitting on the Old Main that was electrified to just the other side of the bridge.

the Columbia Branch is in the back ground, continues east another half mile and enters Cork Interlocking.


all photographs copyright Wayne S. Betty 2000, 2008

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