Conrail's CP-Port


June 1984, D&H RPPY heading east through CP-Port



RPPY taking the C&PD switch,  That's GP38-2 7615 in charge, followed by ex Lehigh Valley GP39-2 7324 and I can't find my note for the GP40 at the end.



Looking west towards CP-Port as Conrail GP40-2 3388 and friend get ready to head up the Low Grade



Looking east towards CP-Port, an empty coal train comes up the C&PD westbound connector track.



It's the same coal train splitting the switch at CP-Port.

That's GP38-2 8098 with GP35 3656 helping out with the 85 empty coal cars and cabin #21258 brining up the markers.

I went back in October of 2000

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