April 21st 1984


Looking North towards CP Wago

The two tracks on the far side are the A&S via CP Shocks and points south.

The track closet is the Northern Central to York


From the first picture you can see the cross over from the NC to the A&S.

There is a cross over from the NC to the A&S, but the track appeared to be out of service.


I'm standing in front of Cly looking North.  From here you can see that all the NC has been removed.  All crossovers and signals are gone also.

Thats SD40-2 6310 & B23-7 1918 with 79 cars and cabin 21539 brining up the end. It's 5:10PM


Same location looking south.


I was running low on film, so this is the only shot of the tower that I have.  I should have wasted the rest of the roll on it!


We (my future wife and I) continued north and bought a roll of film in New Cumberland.

We then went looking for Lemo.  This is what we found.

Looking East across the former Cumberland Valley Bridge.


Turning around, this is what I saw.  I didn't take any more pictures - why I don't know.


This is what it looked like to the west.  The track in the background is the connection to the Enola branch.

The Bridges over Market Street are still there, almost 20 years later.


All pictures by me - cos

Sunday, August 26 2001

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