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Strasburg Number 1 at the East Strasburg car shop. Plymouth 1926.

Strasburg Number 4 at East Strasburg.

Lancaster Oxford and Southern #10 - as restored by SRR

Other shots of number 10

Strasburg number 31, former Candanian National 7321 at Cherry Hill.

Mack Rail Bus #21

Front view of number 21

Strasburg number 33, former Pennsylvania Railroad 9331 at the new car shops.

Strasburg Number 89 at Paradise...

Strasburg Number 90 closing in on Esbenshade crossing.

Strasburg SW8 8618 former NYC class DES-11

built by EMD February 1953, builders number 16191 original NYC number 9614

SRR former PRR ND cabin,  That's me - the smallest guy in the picture and my Grandma on the platform.

East Strasburg, September 1960, I'm 3 at the time.


Strasburg Motive Power and Other Powered Things:

1 Plymouth 192x

4 0-4-0 ex Reading

31 0-6-0 ex CN

89 2-6-0

90 2-10-0 ex GW

475 4-8-0 ex N&W


Thomas 0-6-0

PRR 9331 GE 44 tonner


Strasburg Coaches:

Hello Dolly

Pleasnat View

Donald Hallock

Daffodil Spring

Cherry Crest

Gobblers Knob

Valley View

Grasshopper Level

M&Pa #20

Mill Creek

William McFarlan

Susquehanna Valley

Cherry Hill

Walnut Hollow

Baggage Car 3214


Lee Brenner

Henry K Long


Strasburg Revenue Equipment:

M&PA WayCar 723

CV 40025

PRR H21a 194796

PRR (Union Line) 96451



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